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    FM Go Slow Down



      FM Go Slow Down



      Been playing about with my solution on the iPad and I've started to notice a bit of slow down. I only have about 8000 records active, the slow down takes place while selecting drop down value lists within a portal. It can take 5 or more seconds to respond some times giving a bad user experience.

      Can any one advise of how to tackle this?

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          Are these custom values in your value list or is it drawing values from another table? Is it a conditional value list?

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            They are conditional value lists 

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              I thought it may be to do with the number of records that were being used to create the value lists. After removing many duplicates (using the script you suggested), it has helped slightly but still get quite a lot of slow down.

              What would be the main factors that cause this on an iPad?

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                I'm bowing out of this disussion as there is little more than I can suggest, not being an FM GO user myself.

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                  One fact I have been encountering over and over is that folks tend to expect everything to run as fast as it does on their single user computer with no connections. It doesn't. A computer with a faster processor will run a local copy faster than one with a much slower processor.

                  And a developer can jam up the database to the point of strangling it...  :)

                  I think it is worth the effort, regardless of any marketing jargon, to consider each use as a different application and develop accordingly and uniquely. You have your data file and can create unique gui files for each use tailored to the requirements.

                  A file on a server will run slower than one on a local computer. A file on a remote host is a lot slower and even aggravating in my experience.

                  Using Filemaker to connect to a server is faster than using Go to connect. A browser and IWP, ....

                  A value list of 8000 items is slow, slow compared to one of 100 items. Over a network it's worse than it would be local. The more connections to the server, the slower it gets. During heavy traffic moments, you can go get a cup of coffee.

                  I'm starting a Go solition and I am starting from scratch and avoiding almost everything. It won't win any emmys for bells and whistles but it will work. Oh, and I will test it as it will be used and make needed changes rather than just dump it into play and hope.