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    FM Go Sync



      FM Go Sync


           Hi Everybody


           Hope you are having a good weekend.


           A very quick question for you; 

           does Filemaker Go have to be open on the screen in order for a sync with FM Server to take place or will FM GO sync if it is just open in the background on the device?


           Many thanks



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               Hi Hadleigh,

               FM Go doesn't 'sync' per se (although there are at least 2 third-party plug-ins that provide synchronization).  It acts as a client to FileMaker Server.  So, yes, it must be open and connected to the remote FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server to access the server's database(s).  If you temporarily hibernate FM Go by double tapping the Home button (or receive a phone call or notification), the connection will be maintained for a short time.

               See FM Go 12 Technical Brief page 21 for details:



          As mentioned above, one of the important considerations to keep in mind for FileMaker Go is that a script can be paused at any time regardless of its Allow User Abort settings. If a call comes in on the iPhone, or if a user taps the Home button, iOS will pause any running script as FileMaker Go is sent to the background. As soon as FileMaker Go is returned to the foreground, it will attempt to complete any running script. So long as the connection to the database can be re-established—such as when accessing a solution hosted by FileMaker Server—the script will continue. 



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            Just curious, WHY doesn't FM Go/Pro sync?  Why have like  products on mobile devices if you can't sync your data?  Who doesn't use both versions? Who only inputs on their desktop?  why why why isn't it integrated yet???  Spent many many $$$ on upgrades to this software, even had to purchase FM Go (before you let it go for free) and it doesn't sync?  what the what??  Really?  Doesn't anyone else think this is not right?  just curious...

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              But you can sync. It's just not a simple built in capability. You have to add either a 3rd party tool or create your own. Often the "sync" needed is pretty simple to do from your own design as it can depend on the design of your database and that of your users' "workflow".

              And for some files, the only sync you need do is copy the file back and forth between FM Pro device and FM GO Device. This is quite simple to do.

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                Markus Schneider

                I agree... The 'sync' should be done by the creator of an app ('must' be done?). The reason is just simple: Syncing can be an important/major process in the mobile world - if something changes in a next version of the app, that process becomes broken (until the 3rd party developer can fix it).

                Beside of this, some of the (very good!) third party methods are quite expensive..

                There are 2 use-cases with FileMaker Go: Working with FileMaker Server - or working local (the second one needs the sync - not only because FileMaker data isn't synchronized by choosing save/sync within iTunes)

                I believe, there are man request for this (feature request)

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                  Here is a link for making FileMaker feature requests : http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html

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                    I've used for years BENTO. Now "FileMaker Go," I want to use.

                    But there Synchronous problems. (BENTO was excellent).
                    also; why Let's use 3rd party software?

                    FileMaker is very expensive, I would buy. But in itself it should be able to sync internally.

                    WHY: 3 software needed for synchronous ?
                    1-Filemaker Go
                    3-a) Internet connection to FileMaker Server,
                    3-b) 3rd party software to perform synchronous.

                    Vexing problem, it should be corrected.

                    (BENTO sync was perfect. BENTO you want to re-produced ...

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                      I still "BENTO" using. Then I do not know what future use.

                      "Tap Form" better. "BENTO" favorite and perfect.