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FM Go v14 on PC missing fonts in the app.

Question asked by ontarget on Jul 27, 2015
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FM Go v14 on PC missing fonts in the app.


I am a developer:
I have a client that is using a PC with FM Go. This is also FM 14 and the first PC app user since v14 of FM Go was used. The issue: the app installed in FM Go on my iPad for my iMac has all the fonts working correctly. On his PC using the exactly the same app has fonts missing or moved on the screen.  

In the past; WebDirect will move fonts on the screen, but I have not seen FM Go do this kind of thing. The field headers on the iPad using my iMac are fine. Since the file for the iPad is the same for Mac and PC, the fonts should look the same. But the iPad for the PC client version is missing and moving fonts around. The fixed locations in FM were set and they are not moving on my iPad. They are moving on the iPad my client is using. We are both using IOS 8.4.