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FM Go Value List shrink by typing filter

Question asked by AppGuy on Jun 12, 2013
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FM Go Value List shrink by typing filter


     I have a field "sop" that has a drop down list on it right now.  (It does not matter if this changes to get the end result.) :)

     What I am looking to do is when the user starts typing in the field to use an autocomplete feature. ( or something that works like it.)

     All the other examples that are out there are for search fields and displaying the results into a portal or another field.. unfortunately this is not what I'm looking to do..

     I have a Value list that is already imported into the table called "sop::Title".  So when the user types into the main field they are entering data into a field called "portal::sop" I am looking to pull the list from the "sop::title" field.   This feature is working great.. no problem. The whole list shows up no problem..

     What I would also like to happen is when the user types in the "portal::sop" field "T"   everything with "T" in the "sop::title" list comes up...  and so on..

     I am assuming we can do this with script triggers I just don't know were to start..??  Any help would be greatly appriciated.

     FYI.. This works on the MAC.. just not in Go..