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    FM Go white screen and permission.



      FM Go white screen and permission.


           I am having one problem with FMGo and one annoyance.

           The database is FM12 and the FMGo on the iphone is Go12 on latest iOs. When opening the file from the server it goes to a white screen and get stuck there. I need to hit the home and restart the app then it enters the file correctly. This happens like clock work every time the app is entered it works on the second try after a stopping at a blank white screen.

           I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and that did not work. I upgraded to FMGo13 and that did not help. I went back to FMGo12 and the problem still exists. This is only happening on one mobile device. We have 3 iPhones running go and only one has this issue. Any ideas.


           The annoyance / problem is that we have a profile with an icon to go directly to the file on the server. When this is used it is hit and miss on whether it asks permission to open the URL with Filemaker Go. I just want people to be able to access the file directly from the icon. Without the need to stop look an think about if the have permission or if it is safe to have used the icon.

           I have had people running to my office with an iPad asking me if it is ok to tap the OK button. Serious user interface issue if you ask me. The point of having a good iOs solution is so that users should not need to think about the solution itself and just use it.

           I asked about this before but received no response. I hope I get one now and I hope it is a simply security setting I have not found. This happened with iOs 6 and 7.

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               Not sure if this would resolve your issue, but have you tried creating a Web Clip in the iPhone configuration utility and installing the profile?

               Be sure to check the Full screen box..  We use profiles on all our iPads and it works fine..  fyi.. you can even embed the user and password if needed..


               As to your white screen issue..  Is something in the startup script stopping it??


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                 I am running  webclips now. The iphones seem to be the most problem with the permission. Less issue on the iPads. Are you saying you never get a screen in iOS asking if you really want to open the webclip in FMGo? It really happens at random for me and I cant figure out why.


                 There is nothing to really hold up one device from working properly. It might be the device, it has had some other issues with not interacting with the system properly. With CNS barcode that device will not properly execute the return scripts but shows no errors. Very strange. The white screen happens with only one iPhone. So that leads me to believe the problem is the setting of the device or interaction with that device specifically.


                 Thanks for the response.

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                   Yes, that is correct.. we never have gotten any popups relating to "Are you sure you want to run this?"  

                   Are you using the iPhone config util or the Filemaker one?

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                     I used the Filemaker utility. This is the screen I get.

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                       Seems the image upload did not work out.

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                         Ahh.. Your webclip is not setup to open in full screen mode..   Use fullscreen and the issue will go away.

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                           I swear I had it setup that way. I will give it a try and see what happens.



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                             Well I guess the info from FM is wrong.

                             "NOTE: The "Full Screen" option must be unchecked in order for the Web Clip to open your FileMaker Pro file successfully."


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                               Tom Oathoudt:

                               Thank you for your posts.

                               Not long after the article was posted, iOS 7 was released and that changed everything.  Also, App Maker allows you to create web clips which more or less makes Knowledge Base Article #11033 obsolete.  If you become a member of the FileMaker Technical Network, you can download App Maker.  Go to:


                               If you don't want to join TechNet at this time, send me a private message, and I'll download and send it to you.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 I am a member of Technet and I used the app maker to create the web clip.  I mentioned that I used the app make utility earlier. I do not see a way to do it any differently. The app maker has no options regarding full screen. 

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                                   Tom Oathoudt:

                                   Sorry.  I don't see any reference to App Maker in this thread.

                                   Another method is to create an HTML file with a redirect to the file, and then save the HTML file to the Home screen.  That is, include the following meta tag in the Head section of the HTML file:

                                   <meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=fmp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/untitled">

                                   ... where "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" is the IP Address of the hosted file.

                                   Since this issue is only occurring on one iOS device, you should compare one similar iOS device that is working to the one that is not working.  If you are unable to determine any differences, try restoring the iOS device, as this will reinstall iOS.

                                   Continue to keep me updated with any progress.

                                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                                     The white screen and failure to open the file happens on one device. The screen asking if I want to open the file in Filemaker Go happens on all the devices.

                                     I can figure the white screen is isolated to one device and it may be the device. However the permission thing is annoying. Why does the app maker not work. I hope this gets fixed or FMGo gets fixed with regard to this.

                                     I continually get questions from users about Filemaker Go. We try to keep it transparent for them as things can get confusing for them.


                                     I guess I can try the HTML file with a redirect, but I would expect it would just work properly with the app maker. It is none the less a hassle to setup the devices with a new icon on the menu.