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FM Go white screen and permission.

Question asked by bigtom on Jan 6, 2014
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FM Go white screen and permission.


     I am having one problem with FMGo and one annoyance.

     The database is FM12 and the FMGo on the iphone is Go12 on latest iOs. When opening the file from the server it goes to a white screen and get stuck there. I need to hit the home and restart the app then it enters the file correctly. This happens like clock work every time the app is entered it works on the second try after a stopping at a blank white screen.

     I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and that did not work. I upgraded to FMGo13 and that did not help. I went back to FMGo12 and the problem still exists. This is only happening on one mobile device. We have 3 iPhones running go and only one has this issue. Any ideas.


     The annoyance / problem is that we have a profile with an icon to go directly to the file on the server. When this is used it is hit and miss on whether it asks permission to open the URL with Filemaker Go. I just want people to be able to access the file directly from the icon. Without the need to stop look an think about if the have permission or if it is safe to have used the icon.

     I have had people running to my office with an iPad asking me if it is ok to tap the OK button. Serious user interface issue if you ask me. The point of having a good iOs solution is so that users should not need to think about the solution itself and just use it.

     I asked about this before but received no response. I hope I get one now and I hope it is a simply security setting I have not found. This happened with iOs 6 and 7.