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FM GO with SQL connectivity

Question asked by chris.rudolph on Dec 11, 2012
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FM GO with SQL connectivity


     We're having an issue with one of our FM database that we're sharing via Filemaker 12 server to FM Go 12 on iPads.

     The FM database is connecting to an external MS SQL database for most of it's tables/data.

     Everything connects and works fine, can open the file, access all the data no worries.  The issue comes w the FM Go app does it's reauthenticate using the fmreautheticate extended privilege set after the iPad has gone to sleep.  fmreautheticate is set to 480 minutes, and the server is set to disconnect idle users after 12 hours.

     When it does that the data that is kept in the FM database is fine (ie all the globals in the main file), but any data that is stored in the SQL database is no longer available, it comes up with <Connection Lost> instead. And when you try to go a layout that is based on one of those tables FM Go just drops me back to the main iPad Screen.
     I've tried it with other FM databases, that are just purely FM, no SQL connectivity, and they work fine, it's just in this one file that is connected to an SQL database.
     I've tried doing a screen refresh and I've tried using a script that does a relogin, but that doesn't restore the data. The only way I've found to get the data to come across again is we need to close the file we're working on, and reopen it (which needs us to relogin), and then it all comes back again.

     Does anyone have any suggestions?