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FM Go won't update file with same name via iTunes?

Question asked by SteveDobney on Mar 14, 2014
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FM Go won't update file with same name via iTunes?



     Let me preface this by saying I have no previous experience with databases and have just been developing my first FMP database for collecting data in the field (literally), using FM Go in iPad minis. One thing that seems to be a bug:

     I have the layouts/records on the iPad, then save to the Mac laptop via iTunes (Save As).

     On the laptop, I make some modifications, without changing the file name.

     On the iPad, I delete the original files (and yes, I have been caught out with the 'Recent' tab, but I make sure I delete from the 'Device' tab.

     I reload the file via iTunes (Add). It shows up on the iPad with the new file size and date, but when I open it (from the Device tab), it does not include the changes I've made on the laptop. I've tried this a number of times to verify it.

     The only solution is to rename the file on the laptop, then Add it to the iPad, in which case it transfers properly. This seems to be a problem with overwriting the original file on the iPad.

     Has anyone else noticed this?