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FM Go: Local to Local file import

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Mar 6, 2013
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FM Go: Local to Local file import


     FM Go: Local to Local file import

     I have read in all the spec's for FM Go that this is possible,
     but there appears to be little if no documentation regarding this important function.

     I need to add records to an existing file on FM Go from another file which also exists on FM Go.
     Both databases have exactly the same format and the new records have unique identifiers.

     This is for a field level collection where one person gathers records collected by others on different iPads.
     The Database file is delivered to the central iPad where, ideally the records are added to a growing collection.

     When I use import records no dialog, on FM Go I get the dialog
     The script step "import records" is not supported on this device."

     So maybe I am missing something really simple here.

     Any references or suggestions are most welcome,

     Thank you