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FM-Go Newbie: Offline Connections, and multiple tables.

Question asked by LawrenceKeyes on Sep 9, 2011
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FM-Go Newbie: Offline Connections, and multiple tables.


Dear folks: 

I'm a long-ago FMP user looking at a new application, and wanted to run this by you to see if it would be freasible 

We'd like to deploy a health-care screening application that is basically one "main" table, with about 8 small related tables. The applicaition asks for demographic information, and then goes through a series of one-page questionaires that screen for depression, wellness, etc. For each main record, I think there would be about 8 possible related records, that record "mulltiples", an example being if a person is taking more than one prescription drug, then we'd have a related record for each drug. Another example, is their health-care provider, they can have multiple providers. Etc.

We'd like to deploy on an IPad. In many cases the actual locaton of data entry might not have wireless or 3G/4G access at the time that the data was entered. We'd, of like to have the data entered, and stored locally on the iPad (encrypted somehow...) with the ability to sync back up to a shared database.  

I did a quick search and found that there are third party sync tools, that would acomplish the above scenario.  Questions: 

1. Anyone have experience with the third-party sync tools? 

2. Woudl a file maker app, consiisting of a main table with maybe 140 fields, plus several related smaller tables of a six or so fields each function on an iPAd?  (IOW, has anyone had experience deploying something of this magnitdue? ) 

3. What flavor(s) of FM is necessary, i.e., standard or server?  Note, that we don't require real-time remote connections in fact we can't really sustain them even if we wanted to... .but we woudl like to be able to aggregate data from multiple iPads on an asynchronous basis.

I'd appreciate any guidence.   Many thanks

Larry Keyes

Cathedral Square Corporation

SASH HIT Coordinator.