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    FMGo (internet) network connect.



      FMGo (internet) network connect.


      I'm having an issue with connecting FMGo to my 'Home Office' network from the internet.

      I have FMP11 running with the database, ports are all forwarded and I can access the database from via FMP11 on my laptop so I know the ports (5003) have nothing to do with it.

      I can't even connect to the database (on my laptop) via FMGo while on the same WiFi connection. Again I know the networking on the database is fine due to others being able to connect via FMP11 from other stations on the same network.

      So this leads me to think (know) that there is an issue, or preference I have missed, within FMGo.

      FYI I have an iPhone 3G with 4.2.1

      Thanks in advance for any help on this.

      [EDIT] When looking at Local Hosts within FMGo I can see the host but when it's clicked I see nothing, no database.

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          I had a similar problem, and it seemed I was able to solve it by trial and error. The similarity is that I could see the Local Hosts but could not see the expected database files. This lead me to believe that the getting of the 'hosts' list uses a somewhat different method than obtaining the files. In my case I solved it (or it solved itself) by forgetting the network on the iPad and iPhone, then reconnecting as a new network using DHCP.

          Full details of my trials and tribulations can be seen in the thread linked below. Please let me know if this helps, and I'd be interested to hear from others who might have figured out more about it.

          Sudden new problem with Go (iPad and iPhone) over wireless to FMS 11


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            Hi Troy, thanks for your feedback, I did look at your post but my setup is a lot easier than that. As I explained my ports etc seem to be open due to the fact that I can open the database via FMP but just not FMGo

            But I have managed to figure out my/the issue.

            All I had to do was NOT to have this option ticked! See image bellow...