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    FMGO access via internet already read other posts



      FMGO access via internet already read other posts


           I know I am missing something:

           In the past I have developed and handed off database solutions for internal networks with no issues with FMGO etc on the internal networks. I now have a client that wants to use FM externally.

           just purchased and installed Mac Mini running V10.9 - being used only as beta testing, client has own servers

           OSX Maverick Server installed,  FM12 Pro Adv, 

           using no-ip.com -- web address: www.avdbllc.com with port 5003 forwarded, filename: jobsgo

           ping verifies port is live, load www.avdbllc.com into FMGO it finds it and asks for file. I have verified multiple times that the network sharing is turned on, the internal address 192.168.x.xxx is static on the server (manual DCHP address). To avoid the internal network access, which works just fine using www.avdb.llc as the access address, I have turned off wifi on my iPhone 5s. I am using FMGO 12 and is on the latest version. The file is open on the server and the error message I get back reads:          

           The file "jobs go.fmp12" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host.

           NAT is enabled on the router and the single port forwarding for 5003 is enabled.

           What am I missing?

           Bill Allman