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    FMgo and gps / maps



      FMgo and gps / maps


           I want to build a solution that will be able to put a photo in a container field, access the EXIF GPS data and extract it to longitude and latitude, then put a pin in a google map showing where the photo was taken.

           This will allow service people to mark where the work site is for other workers to return to the exact site.  

           I am having trouble getting the data from the file(container) and manipulating the google maps api.  Where can I find help or has someone shared a solution with this ability?


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               I've done just that.

               I use the iPad/iPhone to acquire lat lon.  If you can extract from jpeg data, that'll work too.  However, in my testing the iPad-iPhone are not very accurate.  I added the BAD ELF GPS add-on and accuracy ti very good.  There is also the issue of accuracy of Google maps and placement of a pin.

               In any event, it is simple...


               build a url using the lat and lon,

               use the "insert from URL" scrip step via the recently built url

               You can set zoom level, map size, type, image format, pin color, size and label, etc via user defined parameters.

               complete details are at Google: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/staticmaps/

               there is some controvery regarding the need for an API Key froom google; everything works without one, but depending on what your exact use is, may be  legal (and expensice) issue.

               Here is a typical url for an asset at my location (copy and paste into browser)

          http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?key=AIzaSyBZKPBV_8c95XQGATHMuKIDWpMG_yH9hnw &zoom=16&size=480x480&maptype=satellite&scale=2&format=jpg&markers=size:normal&markers=color:brown%7Clabel:D%7C29.0296873,-80.9061927&sensor=false

          I have setup fields so a user can select the parameters.

               Even a basic url will work, you do not need to specify all parameters, google defaults work fine (see api docs).

               You can also use multiple pins on the same map.

               The map is a static map... you need to re-fresh if you change any parameters.  AND you do not need to be on-line to view the map, it is saves as a container field.