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FMGO and Videos

Question asked by ahcho on Jan 16, 2013


FMGO and Videos



     I am trying to figure out a way to upload video easily to a FM12 database using FMS12 from an iPhone. I've come across something odd.

     Scenario 1 - Capturing video through the container field. Basically capturing the video directly into container field. The result from this scenario is a 1080p video.

     Scenario 2 - Loading a pre-captured video into the container field (selecting the video from the camera roll). The result from this scenario is a 720p video. FMGO shows a status bar that indicates video compression.

     Is there a way to load a 1080p rather than a 720p video? The 720p video will be much easier to manage over cellular networks but having the option to record 1080p video would be nice.