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FMGO Crash Again

Question asked by user14040 on Sep 3, 2010
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FMGO Crash Again


I created a DVD database which you can search for movies by typing in a letter, a list of all movies will be shown that begins with the letter until finally you spell out the whole word.  It worked on my Ipad for about 12 hours then it crashed as soon as i entered a letter in the search field.

I let my brother connect through wifi from his house and as soon as tried to put letters in the search field it crashed.  

Anyone know what could be the problem.

I am using this function, along with other things to get it to work.

tCount = Length(Text);
newHeader = If(Header ≠ "" ; Header & ¶ );
NewText = Left(Text;tCount - 1)
Text = "" and Header = ""; "";
tCount = 0; Header;
IndexWord(newText ; NewHeader & Text)