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    FMGO doesn't hide menus when 'show tool bar' is off



      FMGO doesn't hide menus when 'show tool bar' is off



      When I turn off 'Show Tool Bar', it hides for the first record only and shows on other records when entering dat on iPad.

      Does anybody know solution to hide toolbar when entering data?


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          Rizwan Kiyani:

          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, the Toolbar/Navigation bar displays when entering/editing data in a record.  There is no way to turn it off at this time.

          Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue, but no additional information is available at this time.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Rizwan Kiyani:

            This is probably not going to change.  Here is the explanation from Development:

            "One must distinguish between the navigation bar and the toolbar.  When the toolbar is turned off, we really do hide it.  But there is also a navigation bar that shows up when a field is active.  On an iPad we put up the navigation bar when a field is active whether or not the keyboard is up mostly because the user might be using an external keyboard and we cannot detect that.  After the dialog is dismissed the field is still active but the keyboard is hidden, so the navigation bar displays.  We could make the iPad behave like the iPhone but then the navigation bar would be hidden many times when an external keyboard is present."

            FileMaker, Inc.

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               I hope they will reconsider.  I want to have complete control of the navigation in my app.  I don't need users getting lost by manually selecting layouts, records, etc. from the bottom navigation bar.

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                Layouts only show in Go and on your menus in Pro if the checbox is checked in the Layouts dialog window. Uncheck it and your Go users won't see them, the same with scripts. No check in the checkbox, no show...

                Here's a blog page showing how: http://wp.me/1AmGx

                The only way to prevent users from moving to another record when the status bar shows is to show all, omit record, show ommitted records. Now there is only one record and you are in control. In Pro users can also navigate through a selectiion of records with Command+Arrow key and using the scroll wheel on a mouse.

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                  I completely agree and also hope filemaker go 12 will eventually not show the toolbar during data entry.  It is sad to put in effort to minimize user errors that work perfectly on the desktop clients and then get circumvented by implementation choices for Filemaker Go.  I would just like to second that I hope this gets changed!

                  On a separate note, I just discoved the screen stencils packaged in filemaker 12 for iOS devices assume you are not going to hide the toolbar and if you do there is a nice empty black box at the bottome of your database form. In case others are looking for the full screen dimensions I found them on another site after some time in google so I thought I'd post them in this form also.

                  Screen Dimensions
                  For reference purposes, these are the screen dimensions for FileMaker Go in various states:
                  Remember: List View consumes an additional 3px of width for the selection indicator on the left. This difference is
                  not reported by Get ( WindowContentWidth ) and it is not taken into consideration in this matrix.
                  • iPad Portrait (toolbar showing) width 768, height 929
                  • iPad Portrait (toolbar hidden) width 768, height 973
                  • iPad Landscape (toolbar showing) width 1024, height 673
                  • iPad Landscape (toolbar hidden) width 1024, height 717
                  • iPhone Portrait (toolbar showing) width 320, height 385
                  • iPhone Portrait (toolbar hidden) width 320, height 429
                  • iPhone Landscape (toolbar showing) width 480, height 255
                  • iPhone Landscape (toolbar hidden) width 480, height 289
                  In order to test for whether a user has their device in landscape or portrait mode, and to determine how much
                  screen real estate you have available, use Get (WindowContentWidth) and Get (WindowContentHeight). Note that
                  regardless of your zoom level, these are the numbers FileMaker Go will report.