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      FMGo Fields


      I've noticed that the fields formatted with multi-line heights in FMPro, collapse when entered in Filemaker Go. This is creating a problem with a field overlay idea I am working on. Is there a way to force FMGo to maintain the line height settings?

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          I don't have any issues with fields collapsing in Filemaker Go.  You might have a font issue, ios does not support all the fonts that are on your mac or pc. Maybe the ios is switching to a font with a different height and makes the field appear to collapse because the font is shorter.

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            Markus Schneider

            and it's not an anchor-setting (inspector)?

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              Do you mean the spacing shown between the lines of text in the field? Text Formatting--such as line spacing--disappears when you enter the field for editing and re-appears when you exit. There are definitely times when this behavior is not what we want, but it's what we are currently stuck with.

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                @Phil - Yes, that's what I suspected. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll have to create another scheme.

                @Chamblee - I'm used Helvetica Neue to avoid any font conflicts, and also used pts instead of line for the height itself. However, the collapse in GO persisted. Phil confirmed that I was not "missing" something in the formatting. Thanks everyone.

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                  I've test a multi line field on my iPad and the field does not collapse nor do I have any issues with line spacing. 

                  I created a text field that show about 8 lines in height, then I enter text into field and then I skip a couple lines and enter more text, skip another line and enter more text. click out of the text and back in the text box and there is not difference in field size or spacing between lines  the text scrolls up a little when I enter the text box but that about it.  

                  I don't know if I miss understand the problem or maybe I have something setup differently.  Haven't had time to test on my iPhone. 

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                    @Chamblee - Interesting. Please post the details of your text filed e.g. line height (pts or lines) Font and font size. Also, iOS version as well as FMPro version. I will see if I can duplicate your results.

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                      I haven't had any problems with fonts and always used Tahoma which is not on the list in the Filemaker Go Developer Guide, so I also test with Helvetica Neue.  The text box height is 133pt and the text is 12.   I noticed when a field is selected that the box is highlighted and is slightly larger, maybe 2 pts, and I believe that has to do with the theme.  I created a test file that can be download from dropbox  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hfai30vw3007ak/test.fmp12?dl=0

                      I use a test file to test stuff I read about on the forum, and I didn't notice until I attached the file there is 9 empty records, the 10th record is the record with test text.

                      Filemaker Go 13.0.8 on iPad 3, Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced 13.0v4,

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                        Thank you for the test file. Your fields have single line formatting and cannot "collapse" any further in IOS. I was testing multi-line formatted fields. When the line hight is changed on your file, it also collapses when entered in IOS. I thought perhaps you may have had an alternate way of formatting a multi line field.

                        Thanks for trying, but Phil is correct.

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                          I wasn't saying that Phil or anyone was incorrect. I was trying to reproduce the problem.    The forum is here for users to help each other, and It always better to know of any limitations FM and or GO have, so that a work around may be found.

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                            Markus Schneider

                            I have 'avenir next' as font in our most-used FMGo App' - and it even adds the linebreaks on different positions when the field is active (cursor in that field) or not. 

                            I know that not all fonts are fine under FMGo, even when they are shipped with iOS/iPad (Apple lists those fonts in its iOS guides). Under FMGo12 avenir was not listet under the FileMaker fonts, but that pdf is no longer available for FMGo13.. I Think that we have to live with that issue )-:

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                              Select a field, and use the inspector's appearance tab to specify double spacing or any spacing other than the default single spacing. Enter text into this field.

                              Now open the layout in FM GO and tap into the field.

                              Note how the text with larger spacing now "collpases" back to the default single spacing. Note how any other special formatting such as boldface or color also disappear as long as the cursor is visible in the field.

                              Now exit the field and note how the formatting returns.

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                                Thank you for your posts and comments.

                                Although it appears PhilModJunk has cleared up the confusion, I have sent a request to the manager of our Documentation department to make sure this formatting issue is clearer in future documentation.

                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Thanks Phil.  I figured out later what Bonzai was talking about.  I really don't use that setting, especially on an ios device because most users don't have a full keyboard.    

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                                    I don't either, but I've been annoyed in some of my projects when other formatting disappeared from the field while it was in the process of being edited...