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FMgo file related to a FM file on a server

Question asked by mgores on Jun 30, 2011


FMgo file related to a FM file on a server


I am trying to set up a data entry system using iPads.  We have many jobs which have many samples and many tests.  I have a master file set up so that technicians can go to a layout for the test they are doing and enter all the data points.  Each test is a record in the main data table.  I was hoping to have a separate file for each job, but that would require the users to load the job file on the ipad, do the test that they are doing, then copy that file back to the server overwriting the previous version.

Is it possible to have a blank file on the ipad that is related to a master file running on the server, so that a technician with his iPad can enter data in the local file and have it go into the master file? 

I could then have individual report files pull the data from the master file into the appropriate layouts for that job.