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FMGo Keyboard disappears after each char entry

Question asked by ryan.thompson on Aug 18, 2014
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FMGo Keyboard disappears after each char entry



     This might be my first post, happy to be corrected on etiquette.

     I have a FMGo solution that is distributed amongst ~70 field employees. In the past month or so, we've had three or four of them complain that they are unable to complete forms in our solution because the keyboard disappears after every char they type, or worse it disappears for good. In at least two of those instances we have had to go so far as replacing their local (iPad) file and this corrected the issue. 

     At first I thought something outside FMGo was causing the problem, but they are consistently reporting that the issue only occurs within the app. They are reporting it across layouts, so it really doesn't look like it is my other first guess, some kind of keystroke trigger gone awry. 

     Edit: Also meant to mention that killing the app and even a complete restart of the iPad does not resolve issue!

     I have been completely unable to reproduce the issue, even when they've sent in their problematic file.. I am of course very much looking for a solution, but at this point I'm even just wondering whether other developers are seeing this issue.

     Thanks in advance!