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FMGo seems a Bust on iPad

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 5, 2011
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FMGo seems a Bust on iPad


I am relatively new to Filemaker.  I purchased FMPro 11 and developed a fairly simple application for legislative tracking.  The primary purpose of using FM was to develop a helpful application for my iPad when I am at the legislature to keep track of committee assignments, legislators, and bills.

I have shared the database in FMPro, and I purchased FMGo on the app store.  I have been able to access the database remotely via FMGo on the iPad.  However, it is painfully slow - painting the screen as I watch.  It doesn't have extensive graphics - just a black background with white text.

My biggest current problem is a search feature I have on the app.  I have a dropdown where I can select and navigate to specific legislators on one layout or bills on another layout.  On the iPad, I tap the dropdown, after a second or two it populates (very slowly), and then the app crashes.  In fact, FMGo seems to quit regardless of what I do after connecting within 30 to 40 seconds.  I have quit the app.  I have restarted the iPad.  I even dloaded a trial of FMServer to see if perhaps the problem was related to FMPro.  I got the same result on FMServer.

Now I have money invested, as well as time, and basically an unusable app.  Additionally, I had planned on sharing it with others, but can no longer do so.  Anyone have any suggestions?