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    FMGo seems a Bust on iPad



      FMGo seems a Bust on iPad


      I am relatively new to Filemaker.  I purchased FMPro 11 and developed a fairly simple application for legislative tracking.  The primary purpose of using FM was to develop a helpful application for my iPad when I am at the legislature to keep track of committee assignments, legislators, and bills.

      I have shared the database in FMPro, and I purchased FMGo on the app store.  I have been able to access the database remotely via FMGo on the iPad.  However, it is painfully slow - painting the screen as I watch.  It doesn't have extensive graphics - just a black background with white text.

      My biggest current problem is a search feature I have on the app.  I have a dropdown where I can select and navigate to specific legislators on one layout or bills on another layout.  On the iPad, I tap the dropdown, after a second or two it populates (very slowly), and then the app crashes.  In fact, FMGo seems to quit regardless of what I do after connecting within 30 to 40 seconds.  I have quit the app.  I have restarted the iPad.  I even dloaded a trial of FMServer to see if perhaps the problem was related to FMPro.  I got the same result on FMServer.

      Now I have money invested, as well as time, and basically an unusable app.  Additionally, I had planned on sharing it with others, but can no longer do so.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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          Mike Haddon:

          Thank you for your post.

          Some users have reported some performance issues with background images.  If you remove the background image, is there a performance difference?

          Is the dropdown field based on a value list or values from a table?

          Are your layouts optimized for the iPad screen?  You can find more information in the FileMaker Go Development Guide:


          ... and the FileMaker Go TechBrief:


          If you are still having performance issues, feel free to send in your database file so I can better understand what you are doing and the performance issues you are encountering.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send your file.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I understand your frustration. Although I've never had FM Go crash on me as you've described, I have several issues with the App. However, I must admit that my own dissatisfaction with the product stems from my original expectation that FM Go would be just like having FMP on a mobile device, whether with files on the device (a PITA in terms of synching/importing) or by using my computer as a host server. Alas, none of this was to be. Developers are faced with the prospect of creating FM Go versions of their solutions . . . generally "stripped down" versions of their original solutions. One of the big issues I have with FM Go has to do with scripts and menus. On FMPA layouts can have different menus whose items call scripts. Scripts are stored per file. I generally do NOT allow scripts to appear in the Scripts Menu on Desktop solutions. However in FM Go a script is simply not available if the "Show in Menu" box is not checked. This unfortunately allows scripts (in FM Go) to potentially be launched out of context. I do go on . . . there's more but . . .