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FMGo12 vs FMgo13

Question asked by TimothyNees on Jul 12, 2014
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FMGo12 vs FMgo13


     I just replaced FMgo12 with FMgo13 on my Ipad and Iphone and now my database which has been functioning properly using FMgo12 will not save or send documents using FMgo13.  I couldn't find anything different in the developers guide regarding saving files as PDF.  What I see happening on the screen when I try to save and send a document using my already proven script steps is a quick flash at the bottom of the screen and then it brings up the mail client with no doc attached.

     This is what I would see if a user typed the company name using an improper symbol such as / in the company name field. (PDF to be created is using Company name field in a calc to name the file being saved).

     Is there any difference in FMgo13 that may be causing this?  PDFpath, Filepath etc.

     The database is written using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 latest update installed.