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FMGO13 on iPhone and iPad Sometimes Crashes

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Jan 4, 2014
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FMGO13 on iPhone and iPad Sometimes Crashes


     FMGO13 sometimes crashes showing the following message after a particular script is run, A pop-up shows: "Error This item cannot be modified here because it is already being modified in a different window." The FM doc will work correctly only after closing the doc, and also quitting FMGO13 from the iOS memory (I don't mean deleting); but eventually after many closing and openings  FMGO 13 crashes. 

     Except that when it is crashed, I check and there are no other windows open. Observations:

     1) From iPhone, after crashing, transferring the FM doc to my desktop, then adding to iPad, the FM doc on the iPad works fine for a while. After many closing and openings, eventually the FMGO 13 on the iPad will crash with the above message.  Similarly in reverse going from crashed on the iPad and transferring to iPhone, works fine until eventually crashing as per above. The temporary fix is to quit FMGO from the iOS memory, and restarting the FMGO doc.

     2) Deleting and re-installing FMGO does not fix the problem from eventually occurring. Compacting and cloning does not fix the problem. Using "Recover" does not show any problems, and that copy also eventually FMGO will crash. The FM doc never crashes on the desktop. Simply closing the FM doc and reopen in does not fix the problem, it shows up immediately when that particular script runs. Have to quit FMGO from the iOS memory and restart. When The FM doc works correctly, it continues to run correctly and does not crash, even when running that script, ever, as long as it is not closed. Only after closing and reopening several times, then running that script, that crash occurs. it seems that the FM doc itself is not crashed, but somehow at random crashes FMGO. Have not been able to identify any specific steps running the FM doc to cause the crash, other than closing and opening the FM doc several times, eventually when running that script after opening the FM doc the problem occurs.