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FMGO14 - Formsizes etc.

Question asked by ErnaMeierdierks on May 15, 2015
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FMGO14 - Formsizes etc.



we have some, for most of you stupid, questions regarding Form Sizes. The users out there have all kind of (Apple-IOS-)equipment. However, we have no information which type. And we have not all IOS-equipment at the development department (We are a small group) and we are sure there will be 1-2 new products/year announced by Apple.....

Because we want to optimize forms for each device:

  • With Get(Device) we are able to determine if it is an Iphone or an Ipad      
    • How do we know whether it is an IPAD/Ipad Mini, Iphone5;6,(plus variations)?
  • What are the form sizes/IOS-Device usable for the forms/Layouts?
  • Can we calculate form sizes in FMGO from the product announcements?
  • can we determine the right values for form sizes from get(WindowDesktopHeight)?

Any help or references would be welcomed - it is possible, that we miss something very basic here.