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    Fonts display issue on iPad



      Fonts display issue on iPad


      I have a largish long-term project that I am reformatting for the iPad. It's going well (if tediously) with one exception: font display.

      As an example... My splash screen used a font that is not present on the iPad. I looked at the developer guide, chose a new font, confirmed that it was present on my iPad, and applied it to the text field in question. There was no change. The font displayed as whatever the FMG default is. I tried a different font. Same thing. Then I completely removed the field from the layout, created a new one, and applied the desired font. That worked.

      This problem was not isolated to that field. The header bar on all my display pages had the same non-conforming font, and I had to replace all of those as well.

      Is anyone else experiencing this, and has anyone found a way around it?

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          I've had similar problems, but not consistently. Deleting the offending field and recreating it solves the issue, as you point out. The only shortcut I've found is to do this with one field, then use the format painter to apply its settings to the others.

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            Thank you for your post.

            I have not been able to reproduce the problem, and I know that doesn't help you.  What font are you using?  Do you have a way to replicate the problem?  Do you have an older copy of your file (or a clone) so I can try it here?  If so, please check your Inbox (top of this page) for instructions where to send the file.

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