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For the love of Zeus can FileMaker PLEASE fix Go crashing in iOS8.2?

Question asked by GouGouGourami on Apr 1, 2015
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For the love of Zeus can FileMaker PLEASE fix Go crashing in iOS8.2?


We have incorporated new best practices into our solution- not leaving files open, committing records, saving and exiting FMGo after data is entered, and we are still getting reports of crashing. We have implemented PhilMod's bug check script, and are very thankful for that function, but we aren't seeing the problem being fixed. It is clear from this and other forums that many developers are seeing this and I can't imagine how many of everyone's clients are being impacted with lost data and the ridiculous inconvenience of having to restart their solution mutliple times during a day of data entry.

We were concerned originally that it was corruption of a recent version of our solution but then we started getting reports of this behavior on versions that were distributed more than a year ago that ran trouble free up until the past few months. The first reports were in late October, then it became more rampant in December/January. Now we hear about it 2-3 times/week. That is A LOT of unhappy clients.

I have contacted support multiple times. I have informed sales that we will not be purchasing additional licenses for our planned expansion and are looking into programming a custom app to replace this solution which is no longer a "solution", but a service nightmare. We have gotten no response other than "we are working on it", which after about 4 months sounds pretty dubious. I'm not a programmer, but I can't imagine that if genuine development resources are being devoted to a problem that it isn't going to be fixed in less time.

What do we have to do to get the attention of the powers that be? This has been reported for MONTHS. I'm thinking about how the Net Nuetrality discussion became truly elevated after the FCC was inundated with a couple hundred thousand emails from concerned citizens. What are the email addresses of the FileMaker developers and management that need to be hearing this? I'm only half-way kidding. This is just a ridiculous situation.

If anyone has any good insight here please share. We can only lose so much sleep over this before we need to cut bait on FileMaker.