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    Formatting Phone Numbers for iPhone


      Formatting Phone Numbers for iPhone


      I've got a bunch of messy phone numbers I want to clean up. I also want to have a button dial that phone number from the iPhone.

      Is there any special formatting to use (1-999-999-999 for US) or just store as 9999999999?

      Next, since I still don't have an iPhone, can I expect that the Dial Phone step will correctly dial the iPhone? And when it does, what happens to Filemaker GO? Can I enter data in a field while on the Phone?

      I am not going to ask anything about using the built in Phone book...  :)

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          It has been a while since I put together a dialer for Go. I think it was the first or second version, so things may have changed and I haven't noticed.

          And I don't believe that Go can reach into Contacts for those numbers or vice versa.

          That said I just used my standard FMP phone mask and it works in Go just like in FMP. I did have some problems with the formatted field dialing so I created a unseen shadow field filtered to just numbers and used that to feed the script step and the problem went away. If you are on a mac FMP will complain about the script step not being supported on that platform, but it works just fine in Go. You want me to post my mask?

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            Case ( 

            Length ( Filter ( PhoneNumber; "0123456789" )) = 7;

            Let ( phone = Filter ( PhoneNumber; "0123456789" ); Left ( phone; 3 ) & "-" & Right ( phone ; 4 )) ; 

            Length ( Filter ( PhoneNumber; "0123456789" )) = 10 ; 

            Let ( phone = Filter ( PhoneNumber; "0123456789" );"(" & Left ( phone; 3 ) & ") " & Middle ( phone; 4; 3) & "-" & Middle ( phone; 7; 4 )); 

            Self ) 

            Some like to throw up something like "Error" as a default, I like Self as it allows for foreign numbers and stupid pet tricks like putting an ext or x for an extension. The shadow field gets 

            Filter ( PhoneNumber; "0123456789" )

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              Thanks. That set me to work on my own which must cover all countries since my project may go international,

              Wikipedia, of course, has a very detailed explanation of phone prefixes for the country code. The US is 1. The longest is 4 or 5 digits if you count the space. Thus a properly entered phone number (let's assume that extensions aren't included or if they are that problem is handled first) then the phone number is a bit of a problem.

              The universal formatting of phone numbers is going to require more work and thought. I am writing a blog on scripting and will include this as a topic.

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                Jack Rodgers:

                Thank you for your posts.

                Just to provide 100% certainty to the post from "Bumper", FileMaker Go will not integrate/access Apple's Contacts application.

                FileMaker, Inc.