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    Function LocationValues



      Function LocationValues


           The new LocationValues function returns several values.  Documentation, however, is lacking.  Can anyone help with the following, please:

           Altitude - is this in meters?

           The format is:
           LocationValues (accuracy {; timeout})

           Accuracy must be specified, but I want the highest accuracy possible.  Would "1" produce the most accurate coordinates?  Or, would "1" result in a timeout if the GPS never reaches 1 meter accuracy?  If I use "5" will it yield LocationValues at the point the GPS achieve 5 meter accuracy even if it is capable of 3 meter accuracy?

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               Just reading filemaker help here:

               accuracy - any numeric expression or field containing a number that represents a distance in meters.
               Lower down, I find:
                    LocationValues fetches the location values until the requested accuracy is met or until timeout. If you cancel the process, FileMaker Go returns the most accurate location in the cache (if any). If no location is received, FileMaker Go returns an empty string.
                    So if you specify an accuracy of "1" you want a location with an accuracy of +/- 1 meter. The function will repeatedly try to get a location with that accuracy or better, halting when it succeeds or when the timeout (in seconds) specified has elapsed.
                    since the accuracy is given in meters, I'd expect the altitude to also be in meters, but the help article doesn't specify. Seems like this would be pretty easy to test by getting the altitude at a location where you already know what value is correct.