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Getting a FMGo database off iPad and to Dropbox

Question asked by vickyn on May 1, 2013
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Getting a FMGo database off iPad and to Dropbox


     Hello, I have a client with an online database and I'm creating a a standalone database that's a mirror of the online one. Their workers could use the online database to enter data on the jobsite when the internet connection is good, but it turns out that the connection is too slow, not consistent, etc., so they will need to use the standalone database (downloaded to their iPads) to enter when the connection isn't good (inside malls, etc., where the work is being done).

     The users are taking photos of the work done with the iPads and entering these into container fields in the database, so the resulting file is going to be too large to email through usual email servers.  Multiple databases will be coming in from the various workers in this scenario.

     I want to explore having the workers send from the iPad to Dropbox so that the main office can import the records into the online database. The solution to getting the data back to the office needs to be simple.

     But I'm having a brain fart and can't figure out how to get a database from the iPad to Dropbox. Do I need to set up an email that is specific only to Dropbox so that it doesn't try to go from the iPad through any normal (limiting) email servers? In testing, that is what's happening since the email I used is one that goes through my website, and also is linked to Dropbox.

     I have to confess that I'm a little flummoxed by Dropbox. So maybe there is something I just don;t "get".  Any ideas?