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Getting Data out of Filemaker Go (Export, Print, Save)

Question asked by ConradMuller on Aug 4, 2010
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Getting Data out of Filemaker Go (Export, Print, Save)


Been waiting for Filemaker for iPad - so glad its here.

My main use of Filemaker PRO has always been quoting customers from a very long price list. If I could do the same from my iPad, life would be so much easier. At this stage, I have edited my database, and my reports, and my quotes are looking good. Now - how do I get ANY data out of Filemaker GO. I cannot save AS, I cannot export, I cannot print to PDF? I would even consider integrating some other apps like Goodreader, if I could - I dont care about working a bit more - if I could seal this functionality. Is there anyone out there with an alternative? No Server setup.