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Getting FM Go to ... GO!

Question asked by AndyCohen on Aug 10, 2010
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Getting FM Go to ... GO!


Okay. Been around the block now with FM Go and iPhone/iPod. IMO... 

Want your users to LIKE your FMG app?  okay then... design around the following layout objects:

1. Pulldown/popups/PORTALS

Use dedicated layouts in List view with each field set wth a script to go to related record(for what would have been a portal in FMP). Looks better, scrolls faster... feels MUCH more like a native app!

2. Checkboxes/radio buttons

Use regular buttons with conditional formatting and a script which sets a global for the formatting.  Much faster more reliable entry.

3. Make a thinner client for local install and remotely access only the tables needed for the mobile access... IOW do not put a whole FMP app in Go. Works much much nicer!