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    Go to layout if printing cancelled?



      Go to layout if printing cancelled?


           Hi all,

           hopefully a quick one (maybe not).

           Users of my database can slect a print button which will load a printer friendly layout and the print dialog box on the ipad. If they go ahead and print the script then returns them to the menu.

           However if they decide, for whatever reason, to cancel the print then they are presented with a message that says something along the lines of an error has occured do you want to continue with the script, yes or no.

           Firstly, they won't know what that means and secondly if they don't know what it means they might select NO which will leave them on the printer friendly layout with no button to return to the menu.

           The code is as follows

           if [Pupils::YearGroup = 5]
               Go to Layout ["readingReportsY5" (Pupils)]
               Go to Layout ["ReadingReportY6 (Pupils)]
           end if
           Print [ ]
           Go to Layout ["Menu" (Pupils)]

           Can I add anything to catch that error/script interruption and send them to the Menu?

           Obviously until I find a solution I will have to include a simple menu button on the layout which won't be the end of the world.

           Thanks in Advance