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Go: Possible to hide "Gear" icon, or disable "Perform Script" menu item?

Question asked by steve@activate on Feb 7, 2015
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Go: Possible to hide "Gear" icon, or disable "Perform Script" menu item?


Did a lot of searching, but I'm new to FM so my terms might not be correct.

I have a bunch of iOS devices connecting to a remote DB. The iOS devices are used by non-tech end users in a non-secure environment. As such, I've disabled pretty much everything I can find to disable; layout navigation and record modification are handled entirely by buttons and scripts.

But tap that Gear icon and there's the Perform Script menu item just sitting there, mocking my attempts at total control. I've tried setting Scripts to No Access in the relevant Privilege Set, but that seems to block them from running even when specified via a Script Trigger. And I don't see away to remove that item in any Custom Menu hierarchy.

tl;dr: I don't want my users to have direct access to scripts via any toolbar or menu item. Can I disable or remove Perform Script from the settings menu?

(I'm looking for this option specifically before I try a kiosk or guided access solution.)