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    going back to version FMGO 12.0.4?



      going back to version FMGO 12.0.4?


           I am having issues with release 12.0.5.  Does anyone know how I can go back to version 12.0.4?

           Just found v0.4 in my Trash.  Do I need to uninstall FMGO?  By starting over, won't I get v12.0.5 then.  Can I just install v12.0.4 via iTunes again?

           Really need to get this working again.  Working with FM Support, but need faster solution.

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               I am interested too.

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                 Not sure if this will help, but I saw this morning that v0.6 has just been relaesed. Maybe that will work correctly. 

                 What issues were you having with v0.5 cause it seemed to be working fine for me. Just interested as I have some clients on v0.5 and I would like to know just in case they come back to me with errors.

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                   Nathan Veitch:

                   I have seen 12.0.6 for iPhone, but not for iPad.

                   Here are the 2 new issues I have now with 12.0.5:
              Since Go 12.0.5, Enormous PDF size
              [FIXED] Since Go 12.0.5, the PDF background is GREY

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                     Heck, thanx for the links. Im sure 12.0.6 for iPad sould be out soon. Maybe it is sorted in the update. 

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                       Thank you for your posts.

                       FileMaker Go 12.0.6 does not fix the large PDF file size issue.  Our Development and Testing departments are aware of this issue.

                       FileMaker Go 12.0.6 did fix the background color of a PDF file, as it is now using the custom fill rather than the theme background.

                       Currently, Apple does not provide an option to download a previous version.

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Here is a way of doing it (if you can still find on your computer the previous ipa file) :

                    Saving & Backing Up Individual iOS Apps

                    1.           Go to  ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/ and find the app
                    3.           Copy the app file to another location to serve as the backup, the iOS app files have a .ipa extension

                         With the app backed up, you can now safely update to the newest version directly on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. If you decide the new version is awful, downgrading is very simple.

                    Downgrading to Previous Version of an iOS App

                    1.           On the iOS device, delete the app you wish to downgrade
                    3.           On the computer, quit iTunes
                    5.           Again navigate to the local iOS app location at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
                    7.           Remove the newest version of the app .ipa file from that directory
                    9.           Copy the previously saved version of the app to the /Mobile Applications/ directory
                    11.           Relaunch iTunes
                    13.           Resync the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and the older app version will restore to the device to complete the downgrade

                         In some situations the older versions of apps won’t be compatible with the newest version of iOS, you’ll know this is the case because the app won’t launch when you attempt to open it on the iPhone/iPad, or you will get a message stating a new version is available and asking to upgrade.

                         Finally, if you use something like Time Machine, you can always dig through the Time Machine backups to access older versions of apps if you’re in a pinch, but it’s generally easiest to just keep a specific backup of an app if you prefer a past version.

                         Source : http://osxdaily.com/2012/05/16/save-ios-apps-and-downgrade-app-to-previous-version/

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                           I'll add to Yuichi's directions:

                           If you update an App on your computer you'll find the old version in the trash (I haven't tested on PC to see if it goes to recycle bin). Then you can easily copy all 'removed' appe to wherever you desire. (personally I keep a folder named 'Old iOS Apps' on a seperate disk for this purpose.)

                           Of course the easiest route would be to use software that backs up the Mobile Apps folder but doesn't delete removed files from the backup. I've just been to lazy to set this up...