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    Google Maps on iPad



      Google Maps on iPad


      I am using the contacts solution that came with FM 13 and when I view it on the iPad the google map only shows part of the map. I have IOS 8.1.3 on it now and don't think it did this before an update of IOS.

      Has something changed in the IOS that makes it do this or is there some different programing I need to do?

      I have an iMac and it shows fine on it but the iPad doesn't.

      Thanks for any help.

      Jack Shuler 

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          I believe the issue has been around since version 13 came out, it shows correctly on desktop but not on ipad.  There is a custom function that contain html for the map which I have modified to correct the issue.  Here is a download link to the modified contact starter solution.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddaqb3nj0psftg8/Contacts.fmp12?dl=0

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            Thanks so much for your help. I downloaded the solution and followed your "GetMap" custom function and it fixed the problem.

            I had made several changes on the Details Layout so it was easier to change the custom function, (which a new learning experience).

            Hats off to you S Chamblee!

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              I can not replay your solution ... where do I intervene?
              Also I have corrected the custom function in this way (in italian languages):
              GetMap ("map2"; 14; Students :: Address residence 1; Students :: Address residence 2; Students :: City of residence; Students :: Province of residence; Students :: CAP residence; Students :: Country of residence)
              but does not work (on the iPad the google map only shows part of the map)
              please help me, bye

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                Hi Andrea, It looks like what you are showing is what is in the Map container on the layout. This is not where you fix this.

                This is what I did. I downloaded the file from S Chamblee, then I renamed it "ContactsMod" so I would know which one had the fix. Then I opened Filemaker and both my file and his. With his file highlighted I go to the menu bar and click on file-Manage-Custom Function. In the Custom Function window you will see the GetMap. This is where the magic happens. I Clicked on that and click edit, the content was highlighted. I Copied to clipboard. Clicked on my file and went to manage Custom Function and paste this in the GetMap.  

                I see that your address fields are different from the original file.

                I would print out both formulas and study the differences between them. 

                The old started with "http://maps.google.com......."

                This where you will see the difference, which is the lower section of his formula. I hope this will help.

                <body style='border=0;overflow:hidden'>
                <body topmargin=0>
                <body leftmargin=0>
                <img src='http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=" &
                            address & 
                                "&zoom=" & 15 &
                                    "&markers=" &
                                                         address & 


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                  thanks dear Jack,
                  I had not realized that the change was made in the custom functions ... I followed your guide and took place the magic.
                  thank you

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                    Again thanks and hats off to S Chamblee!  

                    I'm just happy I was able to learn from his experience and help someone else.

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                      That is the best way to learn, and another reason I'm part of the forums.    I learn from others and by problem solving. 


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                        Sorry Andrea, I just noticed you posted on this link another related link.  I've  had a cold for three or four days and it has messed up my sleep, so I have been a little slow responding to post.  I'm glade Jack got you going.

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                          Chamblee many thanks, you've solved a problem for me that was driving me crazy. See you soon Andrea

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                            I am having the same issue. The only part of the Google Map thats visible is the top left corner which is covered by the address fields. The map is not visible. Unfortunately Scramble's linked solution is no longer there.