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    GPS accuracy offline



      GPS accuracy offline



      I am trying to get a more accurate GPS coordinate for sampling sites when working offline and out of range.  Everything works well except for the GPS.  When I try to enable my Bad Elf GPS dongle (which works on every other location app) nothing happens.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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          My first assumption when I read this was that the Bad Elf GPS devices need apps to use a separate SDK to get the extra GPS data, rather than just leaning on the iOS location services. But then I read some of Bad Elf's support pages that suggest otherwise. What are you expecting to see in FileMaker Go that you aren't seeing? According to what I was able to skim from Bad Elf's website, you shouldn't necessarily have to do anything to enable the dongle beyond plugging it in. Can you share the calculations you're using in FileMaker that are calling on location, in case that helps troubleshoot the issue?

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            I currently have FM set up to collect LocationValues.  It works relatively acceptably(+/- 10m) when I have cell reception.  Not as great as I would like though.  So, I got the Bad Elf GPS unit to hone in on a more accurate reading.  The literature says as good as +/- 2.5m.  The other GIS apps all seem to work that utilize iOS, even ESRI ones.  You know they are working since the light on the Bad Elf will blink when acquiring satellite lock, then hold solid when gathering data.  With FM Go, nothing happens.  No light, nothing.  Pretty frustrated about this.  Our crews will be out of cell coverage, and we really need the capabilities of the Bad Elf to establish contact with as many satellites as possible.  I assumed that the Bad Elf was "enhancing" the iOS capabilities, and not a stand alone entity.  Behind the scenes, I don't know exactly how it works, but since other apps can use it without anything special being done, I figured I would throw it out to the forum to see if anyone else has worked through this.   Thanks!

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              I had browse there website yesterday and as Jeremy pointed out, Bad Elf is suppose override the location chip and set a more accurate location.  It sounds like Go is not receiving the new information, and in iOS8 there were new security features added, such as the camera would not work unless you gave Filemaker go permission under settings. I came across the Bad Elf troubleshooting page which has a section talking about the same settings (settings / privacy).   Here is a link to that page.http://bad-elf.com/pages/troubleshooting  I don't have a Bad Elf GPS to test myself.  Please let us know if you get it working.  I may have to purchase one.