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Gray out Option

Question asked by JosahMower on Apr 19, 2012
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Gray out Option


I have a Form (Req-Form) that I create that does not auto save, the user must click a save or cancel button to keep the tables clean.
On the same form I have come to the conclusion that for my misc Notes field I want to create a new table to house the notes because there could be multiple notes for the one record and I can have subjects to know what the notes are about. But when you click the add note button it takes you to a new form (Req-Form-Notes) just for the notes. I take the index from (Req-Form) and use a variable to copy and paste the Req-Form index into the notes field.

Now the problem is if the Req-Form is not saved to create the auto-serial number index, I get an error on the Req-Form-Note page and cant link the note to the Req. I would like to Gray out the option for add note till I have saved and created an auto-serial for the Req-Form. How would I do this.


I have been googling but I am getting gray out from the filemaker program its self and not fields in forms.