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    having data entered into related files



      having data entered into related files


      I have a system I am trying to build around/ add onto our current system.

      Currently there is a Tracking file which jobs are logged into and forms are printed from.  Then each job has it's own filemaker file for a report which has all the text portions and photograph sections of the report.  The blank forms are printed when the job is logged in, then filled out by hand as tasks are completed.  At the end the "report writer" fills in all of the text and photo portions of the report, prints them out and adds in the hand written data forms.

      What I am trying to do - have the forms be filled out from iPads with the data going into the individual job's FM file, so that when the report writer finishes the report they can print the whole report out at one time and create the PDF, without having to scan handwritten documents.

      I have figured out the report file with the required layouts and scripts to print and create the pdf version as well as saving the blank report into the job's folder on the server when a new job is logged in.  The issue I am fighting now is how to have the iPads enter data into report file.  Since there are hundreds of jobs each month, it is not feasible to have every jobs report hosted on the server.  And it is not desireable/acceptable to have to copy the report file from the server to the iPad and back again after each test.

      I was thinking of having a central "MasterData" File running on the server with a Forms file on each iPad related to the MasterData table by JobID, then have each report file pull its data from the MasterData table.  However, my inital testing is suggesting that FM Go will not work that way, i.e. adding data into my test form is not creating records in the MasterData table.

      Is there a way to relate a local file in FM Go to a file running on the server, or would there have to be some kind of export/import script?

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          You can add a TO for that file on your server to the file on your iPad and then link to the new TO table or else script whatever your are doing, probably best since you might not always have access to the server file.

          You would first verify that the SERVERTOTABLE exists and then continue with your script...

          IF exists table

          ....do stuff


          dialog alert "Not connected..."

          end if

          Linking to this table is going to be tentative and troublesome so I suggest a script instead.

          Oh, the problem is that you can't modify the files on the iPad so a bit more effort may be required such as setting up the file on a computer that can modify the file and then transfering it. You might have to use a $variable for the pathname, etc.

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            I assume by "TO" you mean table occurance?

            While the server should always be available, that is a good idea to verify it first. 

            In my test I set up a Form file with Job number, JobID and TestID fields.  On the layout I have the user enter the Job number (which looks up the JobID from the tracking file).  The TestID is autoentered based on which layout the data is entered from (specific to the test being performed).  Then there is a portal to the ServerDataTable with allow creation of records selected and the appropriate fields, i.e. ServerDataTable::testpoint1     ServerDataTable::serialnumber     etc

            The issue I am having is the portal appears to be working on the iPad, letting me enter data and creating new rows each time I enter data in the blank row, but when I look at the ServerDataTable, the records don't exist there.  That is what is making me think I may need to have all of the data fields in the local file and export them when the technician is done.  Can FM Go export data and save a fiie to the server?  Can it then call a script from a shared file to import that data?

            Or would it work better to have the iPads actually running the hosted ServerData with access limited to data entry

            Actually, just browsed another topic and saw that Go does not support importing or exporting.  Looks like I will need to work the hosted file option.