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Help moving a Kiosk back and forth.

Question asked by jwohlfeil on Sep 3, 2010
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Help moving a Kiosk back and forth.


I have a Kiosk mode file running on my iPad for use as a guest book. I can move the file over to the iPad using iTunes perfectly. Can I get the file off the iPad another way? Can I email the file from the iPad? Can I transfer the file from the iPad using mobile me, or a web page or anything else?

Here is the scinario. My iPad is synced to My iTunes and I can load the file to the iPad without a problem. So I use the iPad with the Kiosk mode file as a guest book at an event. That night I want to pull the guest book info off the iPad and get working on it - without access to my computer and my iTunes that syncs with my iPad.

How else can I get the file OFF the iPad?