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    Help with FM Go set up



      Help with FM Go set up


      Hi , this is my first post on here and thanks in advance for any assistance that is given

      I have File Maker 10 Advanced installed on my MBP and Filemaker Go App on my iPad. Based on a video I saw from Filemaker  regarding syncing files I have also now got a basic 2GB Drop Box Account including the app for my iPad.

      There are a few things that I need a little help on initially 

      1. I created a simple layout on a database on my MBP to test before I did too much work. My first problem is the size of the layout. The sample inventory example on FM Go is a nice size and fits the screen perfectly. I wrongly assumed that if I created a layout ( in mm ) the size of the iPad screen ( in mm ) that it would fit. It doesnt. So can someone advise me what size layout is required to fill the iPad screen just like the Sample Inventory Example?

      2. I created a test file on my MBP in FMA 10 called test.fp7 and put it in my drop box and opened it in FM Go through the Dropbox interface, this opened in FM Go great ( apart from size ) and all was OK. I think I made the mistake of not closing the file and now have 3 files in FM Go on the Files on Device called Test, Test 1 and Test 2. How do I  delete these. ???

      I am sure there will be other problems/challenges in the future, however, some initial assiatance would be greatly appreciated

      I can see a lot of instances whereby I will be using my iPad on a day to day basis and will be looking to write a fair few databases to use for personal use in the future



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          Steve Wright

          Hi Mirek

          1. Have a read of some of the KB Articles such as 

          There is also a techbrief for FM Go which details a lot of information, Im not sure if its only available to techtalk subscribers though.

          Pixel width for landscape with the toolbar showing is 1024 X 673 

          2. Drop Box and other tools will not work as you expect.
          When you open a file from dropbox, the file is copied into FM Go, so each time you open the file from dropbox it will be copied again.  More info can be found in the following post by Christian Boyce : 

          Unable to open files stored on Dropbox using FileMaker Go

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            Thanks SWS for the information on size. I drew a box 1024 x 673 px in FMA on my MPB put it in my drop box and opened it in FM Go and a) its off centre and b) only fills about 60% of the iPad screen. 

            Can you suggest a way ( apart from upgrade to FM Server ) that I can easily use the file on FM Go and it to automatically sync and update the master ?????

            By the way SWS is not an acronym for Steve Savery is it ???

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              Steve Wright

              You can connect to FileMaker Pro as a client with GO also, it is not limited to FM Server.

              Of course if you want to access the database from outside of the local network, you will need to setup either a VPN, have a static IP or use a dynamic IP service such as no-ip.org which constantly updates their servers with your host machines WAN IP Address.

              Obviously this means you have to have a WIFI connection or 3G connection.

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                1) I have the same question but different equipment.  MBPro w/Intel dualCore chip running 10.6.7, 1st gen iPad, FMPro 9 basic on the MBP, FMGo on the iPad (also have FMTouch, but that is a separate issue).  I have a MobileMe account with iDisk. The wireless at work sis crappy, almost as slow as 3G.

                I am quite willing to bypass direct file updating using a server and instead uploading the DB from my MBP to iDisk then downloading it from there to my iPad, adding & modifying data on that copy and uploading it back onto iDisk for later download to the MBP and updating the copy there.

                2) I should not have to be asking this on this forum but "is there a "User's Guide to FMGo" anywhere?  I find no printed information anywhere ie: a User's Guide.  WTF?  The "FMGo Guide" is worthless to me. It's written in TechnoGeek language and does not address my situation.

                And finally, a meta-queston to this...

                3) how does one post a new question to this forum? I see noting on this page allowing me to do so.  My only option appears to be to respond to an existing thread.