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Help With import Records Script for multi-table search

Question asked by JoeStack on Jul 24, 2012
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Help With import Records Script for multi-table search


I have made a multi table search following a similar process as outlined on this site.

It works beautifully on filemaker Pro, however when i use it in GO there are some problems. Essentially what this does is see if the search term is in a long string of text that combines many fields in the table. If it finds it, then it displays that string on a result table while storing the location so it can be navigated to. To do this, when there is a match with the search term and the compiled string, it shows a 1 in a different field. then the script searches for 1, then imports those records into the result table. I think the problem is it uses an import feature that may not work well with go. the piece of code that concerns me is "Import Records [No dialog; "filename"; Add; windows ANSI]".

I have a few concerns. One, i made it on a pc but it needs to operate on an iOS phone so the fact it says Windows ANSI seems like a red flag. Also, since the file is specified on my computer, i am guessing that filemaker is trying to find it on my computer in the mobile verison since i didn't (and can't) change the script, which obviously would cause problems. I am wondering if there is a way to make the import records that reference the same file in a way that it recognizes it on any device. For example, if i transfer the file onto my iphone, and then run this script the iphone knows to import from itself not the file that i have specified on the computer.

There may be another way other than import, but i have only been on filemaker for 15 days of actually working on it so i am not entierley sure. Also, we will have a filemaker server trial set up soon, so in theory i could probably use a server side script instead, but seeing as i have no idea how to do that i would need some assistance. Also would that not allow multiple users to search at the same time?


Any Help is appreciated,