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Help with making a Sign In Sheet for iPad

Question asked by Zapple on Sep 24, 2013
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Help with making a Sign In Sheet for iPad


     This is going to be the first stab at learning FM myself. I want to start with a simple sign in sheet. I would like to have a Logo, my name, the name of the class, date and location as the header. (I understand I can take the text boxes/fields for the header and arrange them on the top of the page, oriented in landscape.) I will have a list of the students names, first and last as a row along withCell, email and a container for signature. I am pretty sure I can do this with one table. I know this is very simple and that is the reason for my starting here.

     As I progress I know I will need additional tables so I will want to make a Student ID field which I will make my Primary key for this table. (__pkStudetID). After I have a little understanding and can make a simple single sign in sheet, i will expand the tables to include Class and Instructors, with a drop down menu. Any help or advice to get me going would be great. I want to be able to have the student sign his/her name on the iPad as then enter the class.