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Hide Object (button) problem in Webdirect

Question asked by pmehta91 on Jan 21, 2015
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Hide Object (button) problem in Webdirect



I have a screen where users can select irish or uk to search on. This takes them to a menu where they can search and If UK is selected a button called search UK is shown, and vica versa. When a search is carried out the users can go to to more info of that particular company. This screen has a back to menu button, however when this is pressed, no buttons show on the menu button, this shouldn't be so. 

When the database is being used on Filemaker Pro, when the back to menu button is pressed, it takes users back to the menu, which will have the UK search buttons (if it was originally selected) and vica versa. 

There seems to no problem when selected in filemaker pro, just webdirect?