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host can't find client file

Question asked by TomPingel on Apr 4, 2015
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host can't find client file


I have a 'host' file opened on a macbook and a 'client' file opened on an ipad.

The client can 'see' the host and can 'perform' scripts in the host.

I need to import data from the client into the host.  The host can't 'see' the ipad in an 'import records' script step. Nor does the 'host' machine see the 'client' on an 'open remote' attempt.  I identified the ip address of the client device and used a file path in the 'import records' script step like:


where the ip is the address for the client. I've tried the address of the host to no avail. A 'remote open' on the host does not 'find' the client either.

When developing the client application on a pc, I had no problem with importing the necessary data from client to hos.

Is there a reason I can not import data from the client to the host when the client is an ipad?