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    How about adding an option...



      How about adding an option...


      to be able to download to the iPhone a copy of a database hosted on a local network; without using iTunes... When working behind Firewalls, and restrictions on use of iTunes, there need to be other options...

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          Russell Shallieu:

          Thank you for your post.

          If a database file is open and hosted, it would be difficult to copy the file.  Without knowing your environment, would it be possible to place the file in Dropbox?

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Steve Wright

            Could I expand on this..

            From what i have read, when you add a file to dropbox then open in FM GO the file is copied into GO's storage space
            So if you launched the same file 3 times from dropbox, you would have 3 instances of it in FM Go.

            Therefore, the file in dropbox is no longer being used and becomes useless as soon as you add / change anything.
            This is ok for initially adding a file, but how would you get it back off the device (without iTunes)

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              Russell Shallieu and SWS:

              I downloaded DropBox this morning to try and understand how this works, but after some testing and re-reading the post from forum user "Christian Boyce" (Unable to open files stored on Dropbox using FileMaker Go, I encounter the same difficulty with the file not being updated in DropBox.  Therefore, my previous post is incorrect.  DropBox would not be a possible solution.

              Does anybody have another possible solution for transferring a file other than iTunes?

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                DropBox will work to get a copy of a file _onto_ the iPad, but it does not keep a remote file in sync.

                If all you are trying to do is get a remote file loaded onto your iPad, access it in DropBox, and then use the button in the upper righthand corner (on iPad, anyway) when it becomes accessible (the file has loaded) and a copy will be placed with FMG and it will open. After that, do not reopen from DropBox, or it will create a new copy of the file each time. Open from the "Files on device" column in FMG and you will get back into the same file.