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How do I connect remotely from my iPad?

Question asked by irchamandy on Sep 10, 2010
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How do I connect remotely from my iPad?


Mi iPad has wifi and 3G capability.

My computer is not a Filemaker server, it just has Filemaker Pro 11 on it.  It is always connected to the internet through a wifi network, Filemaker Pro is always open and so is the database in question.  The database is shared and accessible to all users.

When my computer and my iPad are on the same wifi network, Filemaker Go on my iPad "sees" my computer and can open the database that is on my computer.  In other words, everything works as it should.  BTW, I got my iPad to recognize my computer by clicking on the "Find a remote host" button while they were both on the same wifi network.

When my computer is online and my iPad is also online but from somewhere else through 3G (ie, someplace remote to where my computer is and its wifi network), my iPad can't see my computer and, therefore, can't open the database.  I thought Filemaker Go was supposed to be able to connect remotely to my computer and open my shared databases. Am I mistaken about this?