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    How do i send email of record



      How do i send email of record


      I want to be able to send an email of the contents of a record but i cant figure out how to do it can someone help out


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          Thanks for posting.

          FileMaker Go does not have a Send email function that can be accessed in a menu; Send email must be configured on the FileMaker Pro database side.  That is, open a database in FileMaker Pro, create a Send email script or button, access the database via FileMaker Go, and then run the script or click on the button in FileMaker Go.

          Hope this helps.  I am reading your post as looking for Send email functionality in FileMaker Go as opposed to help in writing a script to perform the task.  If this isn't the case let me know.

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            Thank you for your post.

            Currently, FileMaker Go does not have the ability to export the record as a PDF file and then attach it to an email.  However, you can specify fields in a Send Mail script, so although you can't email the record in its current form (layout), you can specify fields in the Title and/or Body of the email message.

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              Sorry I wanted to reply and pressed the wrong button.  

              What I want to do is create a script that will send the data that is in the record but I dont know how to do it, can you direct me in the right direction on how to setup a script. or code.

              I try using the code below in the section that says specify calculation but it just gives me a number.

              Customers::Name + Customers::Address + Customers::Phone


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                Thanks for the clarification.

                The "+" sign is used for addition.  To put text strings (and fields) together, use the ampersand (&).  For example:

                Customers::Name & Customers::Address & Customers::Phone

                However, this just runs the string together.  You can enhance this to place a space between each field with the following formula:

                Customers::Name & " " & Customers::Address & " " & Customers::Phone

                To go one step further, you may want to put each field on its own separate line.  That formula would be:

                Customers::Name & ¶ & Customers::Address & ¶ & Customers::Phone

                If you want a combination of text strings and fields, you can modify it further to:

                "Name: " & Customers::Name & ¶ & "Address: " & Customers::Address & ¶ & "Phone: " & Customers::Phone

                This should give you a good starting point.  Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.

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                  Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for I will try this code out.

                  thanks again.