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    how does FMGo handle file links?



      how does FMGo handle file links?


      I store my files and images as links to my FMPro 10 Advanced database. The files are stored in a folder.

      Would FMGo be able handle such files and links directly on my iPad? (Assuming the files were brought over to the iPad, as well as the database.)

      How would the difference in directory hierarchy (ie location of the referenced files) be handled?

      Just to be clear, I'm talking about using FMGo standalone on the iPad -- not connecting to my Mac except for bringing the database and files to the iPad.

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          Steve Wright

          Since you do not have access to the file system in the iPad (at least as far as I know) you would have to have the files / images actually embedded in the container field, rather than stored as a reference.

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            I believe I have the same problem: a database that has 1700 images in it by reference. The images are in a folder called "tapas".

            My first problem was to put the "tapas" folder into my iPod. This I solved easely with Phonedisk (http://www.macroplant.com/phonedisk/) a Mac/Windows program that for a limited time is free.

            Unfortunately Filemaker Go doesn't display the images. Instead I get:



            My hope is that FileMaker has an equivalent to imagemac and imagewin. And that FileMaker Go respects relative links (now or in the future) Does anybody know the answer?

            Experimenting I found that the path to where FileMake Go puts the files (at least in my iPod) is:


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