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How Go and FP work together

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Nov 25, 2012
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How Go and FP work together


     I'm sure this has been rehased many times but help me out.  I've worked with FP Pro quite a bit - enough to really like it as a cross-platform product.  I develop very small apps - usually with only one or two users and I can't afford to make FP Server part of the deal.  But here's my typical situation:

     I have a FP Pro Database on Dropbox that can be accessed from both a desktop and a laptop when traveling or working from home.  I have a project now that is perfect for a desktop/iPad combination but I'm not sure I understand how FP and FP Go work together.  I have the db on dropbox and I can't seem to get it opened in GO.  I understand that I can copy the db to the iPad via iTunes and then copy it back to the desktop later but this is really awkward and non-elegant way to do it.  

     Is there a way to open the dropbox db directly with GO?  One user at a time is all that is needed.  The power of Server is just over kill and way to expensive.  Any explination or link to detailed docs on how these two work together would be great.