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How much memory do I need ...

Question asked by IreneCowley on Oct 26, 2013
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How much memory do I need ...


     ...on my iPod Touch to load the Go app?  I need to test it for use by others. 

     I have been using Filemaker for the last 20 + years, but until recently, didn't upgrade beyond ver. 6.  I have now convinced the leadership of my Early Music Ensemble to use it for our music library catalog, thinking that with GO, other members of the ensemble could access the database.  But now I'm totally confused about using it over the internet. 

     So I tried to download it from the app store, but it says I don't have enough memory.  Yes, it is a little generation 6 iPod with only 8Gg of memory and I carry a lot of photos on it.  Any suggestions?  Please, in basic English, "hit enter now" instructions??