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    How remove Go for iPhone from iPad?



      How remove Go for iPhone from iPad?


           I bought Filemaker Go to have on both iPhone and iPad. No problem on iPhone. But on iPad, I have two versions -- the iPad version itself and the small-window iPhone version.

           How can I get rid of the iPhone version on the iPad -- so that I can still have the iPhone version on my iPhone and so that the next time I sync with iTunes, it won't just load the iPhone version back onto the iPad?

           (This sort of thing seems to be a problem with identically-named iOS apps that release both an iPhone version and a separate iPad version.)

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               Murray Eisenberg:

               Thank you for your post.

               To remove any application from your iPad home screen, tap-hold the application until all applications start shaking.  In the upper left corner of the application, tap the "X" to delete/remove the application.

               Let me know if you need additional clarification.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 TSGal: I already know how to delete an app from an iPad or iPhone. That's not the problem. The actual problem -- which I clearly stated in my question -- is how to prevent the iPhone app from reappearing on the iPad each time I sync with iTunes.

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                   IIRC, removing the app from the iPad or iPhone Desktop views to the right of the apps list under the "Apps" tab in iTunes also prevents it from being copied back to the iPad or iPhone whenever you sync it with iTunes.  To remove the app from the iPhone or iPad desktop view, click the app and then click the x button (or click the "Remove" button opposite the app's name in the apps list).

                   BTW, the method described by TSGal should also achieve the same goal.