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HOW TO : Connect to a hosted file using 3G on FM Go

Question asked by S W on Jul 24, 2010


HOW TO : Connect to a hosted file using 3G on FM Go


There seems to be a lot of posts on the subject of connecting to shared FileMaker databases via 3G.
So I thought I would quickly write this post.

1. Your not local now...

 First of all, when you are connected via 3G you are not on your local network, therefore do not expect FM Go to be able to find your files using your local ip address i.e
This IP address is only exposes inside your local network.

2. What IP address to use

 You need to connect via the IP Address provided by your internet service provider, if you are unsure what this is then use a website such as of course there are other methods.

Some ISP's provide static IP addresses, this is great since it will remain the same.
Others provide dynamic IP addresses, therefore at any given time, your WAN IP can change.

3. Configure your router

Even with the correct IP address, your router will need to know which machine it should forward inbound traffic to, if you have 5 machines on your network your router cannot be expected to scan each machine to see which one is a filemaker host.  This differs on a local network because you yourself are telling the router which machine to use by using that machines local IP address.

As an example, here is what I have set for testing.  I simply set port 5003 TCP to forward to the machines local ip of  Screenshot

For a decent article on FM Ports, read here :

If you are unsure on how to set up port forwarding, consult the documentation for your router, there should be information on doing this.

4. Know what issues you may face !

Finally and probably the most important piece of information.. 
Expect the fact that you / your clients will experience disconnections part way through scripts or other processes, either due to the network, phone calls or pressing the home button.

A great article which touches on this is :

5. Enjoy FM Go.. on the Go !

As a result of the above, I can connect to my files via 3G using an ip address like 81159.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to correct anything or add anything that I may have missed.